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Meet Our Board

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Theresa Sumpter, Founder/Executive Director

Theresa is the Founder and Executive Director of Animal Protection and Wellness Services (APAWS). Theresa has been involved in animal welfare and rescue organizations for over 10 years, dedicated to providing a voice for the voiceless. Theresa is also the Founder and Executive Director of Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, an organization that focuses on rescuing dogs in the city of Detroit that are sick and severely injured. Theresa and her incredible network of volunteers answer calls, anytime day or night, to rescue dogs in need. During the covid-19 pandemic, veterinary resources became difficult to obtain, as many veterinary hospitals either closed or were operating understaffed. Being that Theresa operates a dog rescue herself, primarily rescuing dogs that need immediate veterinary care, it became evident to her that more resources were needed now more than ever, not only for the dogs rescued within her organization, but for other organizations like hers as well as the community. Theresa has devoted a large part of her life to better the welfare of all animals and is a huge advocate in promoting responsible pet ownership. Theresa has been married to her husband Jim for 17 years and owns 4 dogs, Tank, Bailey, Liberty and Maverick and 3 cats, Satin, Darla and Chance.   

Rachael Koresky, Assistant Director/Treasurer

Rachael is the Assistant Director and Treasurer for Animal Protection and Wellness Services (APAWS). Rachael also serves as a Board Member for Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue. Rachael retired from the County of Macomb after 23 years of employment. Rachael and her husband of 21 years, Billy, own several businesses in the city of Detroit. When Rachael would see a dog in need of rescue, she would contact Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, who responded promptly to assist. Rachael was touched by Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescues efforts and willingness to help deciding after her retirement, she was going to volunteer her time assisting with Detroit Pit Crews rescues efforts. Rachael continues to play a key role within the organization since. Rachael owns a Pit Bull mixed breed named Abel, that she personally rescued from the streets of Detroit. Abel appeared to have been wandering the streets of Detroit for sometime and was severely injured, but jumped right into Rachael's truck. After jumping into their truck, Rachael and Billy brought Abel home, giving him the life he has always deserved.

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Dr. Matthew Hynes, DVM, Advising Veterinarian, Board Member

At age four, Matthew dreamed of being a “zookeeper in outer space.” His uncle told him that job was taken, so he kept his love for animals closer to home. Matthew graduated from Michigan State University’s Honors Microbiology and Molecular Genetics program, then attended MSU College of Veterinary Medicine. He’s been with AAE since 2013.
Matthew’s specialties and areas of interest are critical and surgical care, long-term wound management, and respiratory therapy. Matthew likes reading, spending time with friends and family, trying new foods, and above all, traveling. He has 9 fish and a dog named Mickey.

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Dr. Maddy Lutz, DVM, Advising Veterinarian, Board Member

Maddy fell in love with veterinary medicine when she got her first job as a kennel assistant at age 16. Maddy received her BS in Biology from University of Detroit-Mercy, and received her Doctorate from Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine. She’s been with AAE since 2013. With over 20 years of experience in animal care, Maddy’s specialties include soft tissue surgery, wound care, and complex internal medicine cases. Maddy enjoys doing anything outdoors (especially with her husband and two sons during the summer), trying new foods and craft beer, cooking, baking, and gardening. She has two pets, “Candy Corn” (a Corn snake), and “The Fat Dog” (a.k.a. Shanny), a 12 y.o. Brittany.

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Dr. VanSteen Kiste, DVM, Advising Veterinarian, Board Member

Dan received his BSC from University of Detroit Mercy and his DVM from Russ University, with a clinical year at Purdue. He’s been with AAE since July 2016. Dan’s areas of expertise are surgery, ultrasound, and critical care. Dan enjoys doing anything outdoors – hiking, scuba diving, biking, reading, and krav maga. He has two dogs (Indy and Kitts), two cats (Tilly and Sassy) and one horse (Walter).

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Victoria Graham, Grief Support Programs Director

Victoria is our organizations Grief Support Programs Director and will specialize in providing grief support for those who have lost a pet. Victoria holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and was the Chief Program officer for Action in Community Through Service (ACTS) Helpline and was with the organization beginning in 1988 until her retirement in 2020. Victoria is specially trained in providing comfort and resources pertaining these unfortunate losses and will be available to those who may need support during these difficult times.

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Kyle Delaney, Board Member, City of Detroit police officer

Kyle was born and raised in Milford, MI. Kyle left Michigan at the age of 17 to join the United States Marine Corps. After 3 deployments, Kyle was honorably discharged. Kyle then started working as a Private Military Contractor, and as a program manager for US Embassies throughout the middle east and Africa. During that time, Kyle used his knowledge and experience to operate and manage anti-poaching operations, as well as multiple non-profit rescues and rehabilitation centers. Kyle now works for Detroit Police Department. Kyle has a Masters in Public Health, a Bachelors in Environmental Science, and an associate in Thermodynamics.

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